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Global fish stocks are dwindling at a worrying rate due to overexploitation, climate change and pollution. Bureau Veritas’ fishery certification services enable you to demonstrate the responsibility of your fishing practices.

Seafood consumption worldwide is on the rise, leading to further depletion of fish stocks. Increased pressure on marine resources, and the intensification of fishing activity has also negatively impacted the marine ecosystem more generally. Today’s consumers and retailers take this threat seriously, and increasingly demand that producers, processors and importers provide proof that their fish and seafood products are issued from responsible, sustainable fishing sources.  

Bureau Veritas supports the fishing industry in ensuring responsible fishing practices. Our certification services enable you to conform to industry-recognized sustainable fishing standards, demonstrate full traceability and shore up your brand’s reputation.



    by demonstrating that your fishing practices conform to the highest fishing standards


    with certifications that are increasingly required by the world’s major retailers


    with your proven commitment to sustainable fishery

Demonstrate sustainable fishing practices with the MSC ecolabel
For fish stocks to remain sustainable, fishing must be carried out at a level that ensures fish and seafood can continue to reproduce indefinitely. It is also critical that fishing activity be managed such that other species and habitats within the ecosystem remain healthy. The MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) ecolabel allows you to demonstrate to consumers that your fish and seafood products can be traced back to sustainable sources. To display the MSC ecolabel on your products, you must achieve certification to both the MSC Fisheries and Chain of Custody standards.

MSC Fisheries certification
Certification to the MSC Fisheries demonstrates your adherence to sustainable, responsible fishing practices, and enables your catch to bear the MSC label. The MSC Fisheries standard covers three main principles: fish stock sustainability, limiting environmental impact and effective fishery management. Bureau Veritas’ dedicated team is fully qualified to perform MSC audits of fisheries around the world.

MSC Chain of Custody traceability certification
For a product to carry the blue MSC ecolabel, every player in the supply chain must have a valid MSC Chain of Custody certificate. Certification to the MSC Chain of Custody enables you to demonstrate your products are identifiable, separated from non-certified products and traceable back to MSC-certified sustainable sources. Bureau Veritas provides Chain of Custody certification services for both wild-caught and aquaculture -raised fish and seafood.

Meet rigorous traceability standards with Origin
Traceability involves tracing a product directly back to its point of origin. This is the fishing industry’s best mechanism for preventing illegally-sourced products from entering the supply chain. In addition to traceability certification, Bureau Veritas offers Origin, a traceability solution that uses blockchain technology to give end-to-end proof of a product’s journey.

Bureau Veritas Recognition for responsible fishing, sourcing and traceability
Bureau Veritas Recognition is our proprietary standard for responsible fishing, sourcing and traceability. Bureau Veritas Recognition is a B2B solution that allows you to demonstrate that your adherence to fishing industry best practices goes beyond sustainable fishing ecolabel standards. Bureau Veritas Recognition covers four main pillars of best practice: food safety & quality; marine ecosystem management; environmental protection and social accountability.