Quantitative risk assessments to protect people and plant


It is vital to identify risks in industrial workplaces in order to protect plant workers, the people in the surrounding area, the environment and the plant itself. Demonstration of acceptable risk levels is often a requirement for facilities such as chemical production and processing facilities, high pressure pipelines or storage and importation sites for liquefied natural gas. Local regulation or corporate governance may also define risk acceptability criteria which all operations must meet in order to demonstrate that risks are identified and controlled to acceptable levels.


Our expert team has vast experience in completing Qualitative Risk Assessments (QRAs) , which is a structured approach to identifying and understanding the risk associated with hazardous activities such as the operation of the plant. The assessment starts by taking an inventory of the potential hazards, their likelihood and consequences.

The QRA provides valuable insights into the risk profile of the plant, identifying and ranking the areas where failures may result in harm to the operators, members of the public, the environment and the asset itself. QRA provides a basis for decision making in the design and operation of the plant and may also be required to show that assets are fit for purpose.


  • Enable prioritised focus on the requirements to minimize or mitigate risk
  • Quantify the risks associated with facility operations to support the selection of the most appropriate design concept
  • Provide a rational basis for monitoring risk and providing the specific design making guidance
  • Help identify the most cost-effective risk reduction measures
  • Support from experienced professionals, combining technical, operational and business know-how with risk management competency and experience
  • Independent assessment, based on the latest best practice guidelines, for added confidence

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