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Emission measurement for power plants


The demand for emission measurement has strongly increased in recent years. In view of the ever tightening requirements applicable, it is essential for a company to have reliable information available on emission of air pollutants. A power plant’s license to operate can depend on it. Since reduction of emissions to desired levels often requires considerable investment, the implementation of a reliable measurement process becomes increasingly important.

Purpose of emission measurement

The purpose of the Bureau Veritas emission measurement service is to ensure that a power plant meets environmental compliance on gas emissions. Bureau Veritas experts use state of the art measuring equipment to perform continuous measurements of gaseous components such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, Total Organic Carbons, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, dioxins, ammonia and heavy metals.

The benefits of emission measurement service:

  • Ensure compliance with local legislation
  • Independent check against manufacturers’ specifications
  • Anticipate correction during commissioning phase
  • Create a reference value
  • Check efficiency of your equipment

Bureau Veritas – reliable suppler

  • More than 5,000 MW tested
  • Continuously involved with a vast range of industries
  • Multi-disciplined engineers and field technicians
  • Able to perform on a large range of gaseous and solid emissions
  • Own calibrated equipment

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