Oro kokybės ir emisijų valdymas

Improvement of air quality and your performance

Air pollution and emission measurement (AST, AMS, QAL 2)


Air quality is emerging as a significant worldwide issue for the decades ahead. International commitments aimed at dealing with climate change are putting considerable pressure on individual countries and their industrial communities. Local authorities are asking industrial plants, which are potentially responsible for pollution, to engage in regular and accurate monitoring and to cut emissions. For plant owners and operators, the challenge is not only to contribute positively to the environment through optimizing the production process but also to comply with a growing number of regulatory obligations.

Solution - Air Quality & Emission Management

Bureau Veritas provides a complete range of services related to air and emissions management including:

  • air quality monitoring, 
  • emission measurements, 
  • monitoring of emissions at the end of your process, 
  • automated measurements system (AMS), 
  • periodic tests (QAL2 - Quality Assurance Level 2 and AST - Annual Surveillance Test), 
  • yearly measurements of dioxins' and furans',
  • third party verification, 
  • on-line follow-up of your emission reports, 
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) consulting and training. 

In line with official guidelines, Bureau Veritas can also provide verification of CO2 emissions under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Considered a key player, Bureau Veritas has provided technical input to the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) for a new European standard on fugitive emissions.

Bureau Veritas expertise

  • Bureau Veritas is accredited as a Designated Operational Entity (DOE) by the UN for its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to validate and verify the reduction in levels of greenhouse gases in organizations that have implemented clean technology. 
  • Technical knowledge and availability of our qualified local teams, able to provide packaged and targeted information, are strengths appreciated by our clients 
  • Bureau Veritas has developed a unique online reporting management tool called BVnet. This password-secure extranet exists in English, French and Chinese and allows clients to view and download every report, follow-up scheduled visits and manage progress of findings.

EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Since 1 January 2005, some 12,000 large industrial plants in the EU have been able to buy and sell permits to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The so-called ETS enables companies exceeding individual CO2 emissions targets to buy allowances from 'greener' ones. Investments in cleaner technologies can then be turned into profits while helping the EU meet its Kyoto commitments on climate change.

Automated measurements system

The EN 14181 standard sets the methods to implement for the AMS’s acceptance and operation. In Europe, the implementation of this standard is required by two directives (2000/76/EC and 2001/80/EC). The sites concerned are waste incineration plants and large combustion plants (boiler rooms, thermoelectric production plants).

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